Scalp micropigmentation client

Damien Pridham, 36


Damien has suffered from pattern baldness since his 20s which has affected his
confidence for many years, he decided to ditch the hats and get scalp
micropigmentation. Unfortunately, Damien was in the hands of a bad practitioner
which resulted in a devastatingly bad, life changing treatment. The company was
poorly trained and unfortunately this ended up with Damien having to go through 18
months’ worth of smp laser removal leading to depression and his day to day well
being at an all-time low. As soon as he finished his treatment with this company and
realised there was something wrong, he reached out to Grant Emerson at
Scalperfection. Grant supported Damien over 18 months and reassured him that
everything would eventually be ok after his scalp micropigmentation laser removal.
Fast forward to when the treatment was complete by grant at scalperfection, Damien
was blown away with the results as you can see by his reviews and video
testimonials. Since then, Damien has felt much better with his confidence and self-
esteem which has had a huge positive impact on his life since.

Don’t know where to start really after a really bad experience from another practitioner I spoke to Grant around 14 months ago , Grant put my mind at ease straight away with all the knowledge and questions he was asking me which I didn’t get from the other practitioner , after looking at his work on Instagram and after a couple of chats I paid my deposit. I had to go through four laser sessions to remove the old pigment I finally got to Grant In January. From the get go Grant was professional and has a cracking set up at scalperfection his attention to detail is 2nd to none and constantly stayed in touch with me throughout my treatment and if I had any questions he was always on the end of the phone to answer them. After three sessions my head looks amazing and my appearance has been rejuvenated No more anxiety, no more caps . The treatment is a complete game changer , now it’s been done to the highest standard thanks to Grant . It is a massive decision for anyone to pick the right practitioner and I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be on the receiving end of a bad treatment like I was . but I can honestly now say that 100% I picked The right company to carry out my procedure and I would recommend scalperfection to anyone who is looking to have Scalp micro pigmentation done.

scalp micropigmentation results from Lincolnshire

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