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Density Treatment for thinning hair

As a woman, our hair can be one of the most important things to us for our self-confidence. Suffering from hair loss, in my case alopecia. My confidence hit rock bottom. A friend suggested tattooing! Tattooing in a form that looks like your hair follicles. I found Grant Emerson and contacted him. My god, this man understood what I was going through and assured me that he would be able to get my confidence back again. Very understanding, caring and knowledgeable about his work and what he’s doing. Thank you! Couldn’t rate him more.

Name: Mandy King

Location: Norwich

Hair loss: Alopecia – Female

Age: Mid 40s

Date of experience: 12 May 2021

Mandy's Story

Mandy was struggling areata with alopecia and reached out to me. Alopecia had a
big impact on her day-to-day life and I was more than happy to help.

Norwich Scalp micropigmentation client

Female pattern baldness treatment

I have been conscious about my thin hair for years now and it really started to knock my confidence, being female, I think it really got to me having thin hair. I knew a male friend who had the treatment and he suggested that it can be done for females too, which I didn’t realise. I contacted Grant and he met me for a consultation. He
discussed all the treatment options with me and actually made me feel so much better to know that. a lot of other women suffer from thinning. 

His kit and studio are so clean and it’s all brand new gear, you can see Grant takes pride in his work. Grant was brilliant fitting me in for sessions at weekends, including a Sunday evening. It has boosted my confidence so much and I’m so glad I did it, I feel so much more pretty when I do my hair up to go out, whereas before I would do my hair to conceal the thinning. It doesn’t hurt at all, I’ve had a couple of tattoos and its much less uncomfortable than that. I would definitely recommend this treatment to ladies and gents 🙂

Name: Jade Doe

Location: Norwich

Hair loss: Female pattern baldness

Age: Early 30s

Date of experience: 21 November 2020

Jade's Story

Suffering from pattern hair loss had a negative impact on jade’s wellbeing. As soon
as she found out about scalp micropigmentation, Jade booked in straight away.

Scalp micropigmentation density treatment norwich

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