James's Scalp Micropmentation Journey from Suffolk

Jame's Back Story

How he went from Alopecia suffer to a New man with SMP

James has suffered from alopecia Totalis since he was a child. His autoimmune disease has had an impact on his confidence throughout his life. Not only losing his hair, but his beard and eyebrows also. Being a martial arts master and entrepreneurial businessman, his appearance means a lot to him. As soon as he found out scalp micropigmentation was a solution to giving him the appearance of hair, he did plenty of research and reached out to Grant Emerson at Scalperfection. 

How ScalPerfection Changed his life with SMP?

As James had to travel a slightly longer distance than most, from Suffolk, we scheduled a video consultation. The video consultation was used to discuss whether the treatment was suitable for him, answering a few questions and seeing some transformations, James booked in. 3 sessions later over 6 weeks and his transformation were complete, he couldn’t have been happier, and soon after he got his eyebrows microbladed. Although he still has alopecia, he can now look in the mirror with confidence, seeing a great hairline and eyebrows. The drive from Suffolk was truly worth it! Check out James’s video testimonial.

Suffolk Scalp micropigmentation

Here it From James (from suffolk) himself

After living with Alopecia and looking for a treatment, James came across ScalpPerfection, and Grant Emerson. Grant’s exceptionally high standards and customer service made James feel assured and eased any concerns he had. Making the drive from Suffolk to Scalperfection was worth is as the results exceeded his expectations!

He even left us a review following his smp treatment!

From an alopecia sufferer for a long time, I was dubious about this procedure as I thought it might look artificial. They did a great job of putting me at ease. Sadly, there are no comparison sites for this type of service, so you don’t know what to look for.
On reflection these guys were a great choice as there are many amateurs out there. The main man is an artiste. Highly recommended.”