ScalPerfection wins ‘New Micropigmentation Company of the Year’ Award

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We’re really proud to announce being awarded the ‘New Micropigmentation Company of the Year’ at the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards 2021. This is in recognition of our founder Grant Emerson’s skill and hard work in growing the business and our commitment to improving clients’ physical appearance and their mental wellbeing and self-confidence.

A representative from Corporate LiveWire said, “Our team went over all the reviews, and the comments were so positive. We appreciate the damage hair loss can do to both men and women, and it is no understatement to say that it can affect every aspect of an individual’s life. That is why we acknowledge the importance of services such as ScalPerfection’s and how they can give people back the confidence that hair loss may have taken away”.

“Clients all felt that technician and company founder Grant was incredibly informative before the procedure, and they were able to make a decision on whether it was the right treatment for them. Grant goes over and above to make clients feel comfortable, and every single testimonial stated they were thrilled with the results. We are very pleased to recognise ScalPerfection’s hard work.”

Our mission is to help clients feel like themselves again. We rejuvenate appearances by either creating the illusion of a full head of hair or working with a client’s hair to disguise areas of noticeable thinning. Our expert scalp and facial micropigmentation services aim to improve conditions such as pattern baldness, alopecia, medical hair loss, folliculitis, in addition to scarring from transplants and operations.

ScalPerfection was founded in 2019 by Grant Emerson, who himself suffered from male pattern baldness. Having experimented with various treatments and hair loss products, Grant eventually turned to scalp micropigmentation. He was impressed by the results and happy that his self-confidence had returned but disappointed that he’d had to travel a long distance for the treatment. He set out to tackle this issue and set up a scalp micropigmentation clinic available to clients across East Anglia. Grant trained with one of Europe’s leading hair clinics and has an accredited Level 4 scalp micropigmentation qualification, along with additional qualifications in advanced SMP treatment for hair transplant and scars, advanced SMP hairline treatment and how to identify signs of skin cancer.

We offer free online or in-person consultations, personalised quotes, and there are no hidden costs. Payments can be made in full or in 3 instalments following individual procedures.

To ensure that your treatment results are long-lasting, we provide expert aftercare, usually carried out 3-5 years post-procedure. If you have your initial scalp micropigmentation treatment in our Norfolk clinic, we’ll include a fixed maintenance cost into the consultation package. This cost will be fixed and never increase.

It’s our objective to always lead with honesty and empathy and to provide outstanding hair loss solutions that are affordable and stress-free. Our services are tailored to suit individual needs and skin conditions and are always carried out in the most professional and efficient manner.

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