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I’ve recently had the procedure done by scalperfection….. I cannot praise the job enough.. I’m so happy with the outcome, I feel it’s given me a whole new lease of life, I feel I look a lot younger and I finally have hairline which feels amazing…. I was a bit sceptical at first but once I started chatting to Grant it soon became apparent that he was the man for the job…. the guy is very professional! But more than that he was prepared to explain every little detail or query I had in as much depth necessary…. I was quite anxious about the whole thing but he made the whole thing a very pleasurable experience 


I’ll start by saying I was dubious to say the least about “micro pigmentation” treatment…

I thought it was merely a posh word for “getting a tattoo on ya head” In my several lines of work I work as a public speaker and actor, and my physical appearance means a great deal to me. I was seriously considering a trip to Turkey for one of the now famed “cheap transplants“

On the pics they looked great , the ones I saw in life.. their new hair resembled Orville the Duck!!

Then Grant contacted me about his fledgling company “ scalperfection” he explained to me it was much much more than just getting your head tattooed, but an extremely intricate , delicate and affordable procedure in which I would see amazing results after several sessions ( depending on the severity of your baldness, and I am PROPER bald) he is professional, immaculate in cleanliness and incredibly efficient and masterful I’m his work.

I saw pleasing results after the 1st session .. but after the 4th, it now genuinely looks as if I have a shaven head by choice , grant explains the procedure in minute detail , ie the gradual build up of thousands of tiny “dots” placed with precision, gives an incredible 3D effect .

I used to wear an hat ALL the time, I’m not a person who lacks confidence, but somewhere in my subconscious, I was wearing hats for a reason .

Since my treatment, I swear I haven’t wore an hat once . I want to show my head off,It looks subtle, and incredibly natural.

Much better than a birds nest transplant..

Sorry for my rambling text, but you lot just need to know how good this fella is .

Earl “wildthing” Ling


I had a fue transplant in London and was left with lots of scarring around my donor area…


Which to be totally honest was never part of the plan. I was told I would potentially have slight scarring but not to the extent of this. There was hundreds of circular scars everywhere! As well as the scarring i also needed more density added to my crown so after plenty of research I decided to bite the bullet and get scalp pigmentation.


All I can say is you can no longer see the fue scars and when I look in the mirror my crown looks thicker so that’s a 10/10 for me.


Zero complaints from me grant, glad I chose you!

Thanks chap



I chose to be a smp model in Birmingham to save a few quid. Thankfully I was one of Grants models. I was skeptical if it would suit me but I love it.

What a champion and good luck with your business mate. My touch ups will be with you i guarantee
Speak soon bro


If your thinking about it get it done otherwise you’ll keep thinking about that hairline!


When I started thinning out on top it really began to knock my confidence. After getting in touch with Grant, he met me soon after for a consultation …

where he discussed all the options available to me, as well as explaining some things about hair loss in general.

After deciding to go ahead, Grant was professional throughout and talked me through the whole procedure as he did it. I could tell his equipment was top of the range and was immaculately clean. None of it was painful in any way and I started to see the results before session 1 was even over. My work schedule involves quite unsocial hours but Grant was still able to fit me in at the weekends and sometimes late into the evening. Grant called me in the days following each session just to check in, which I really appreciated.

I’m writing this now as my head is fully healed and its given me so much confidence. I would recommend anyone that is suffering from hair loss to get in touch with Grant and see what he can do for you!


Grant is a professional and a perfectionist. Two great combinations for getting your hair line back.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Totally natural look, as other reviews say definitely makes you look younger. I would highly recommend Grant, great bloke and professional throughout and very knowledgeable in his profession. The treatment is absolutely painless, well priced and so worth it. If you’re thinking of having this treatment, Grant is the go-to man. Couldn’t thank you enough bud. Thanks mate.

Had my hair pigmentation completed by Grant Emerson at Scalperfection. Absolutely fantastic treatment and professional service. Grant kept in touch throughout the whole process and managed to fit me in around my work on the weekends otherwise it would have been impossible to get done.

I always used to wear baseball caps and hats but now my confidence is so high i no longer have to wear them.

I am 64 years old, nearly 65 and no joke its knocked 20 years off me, check the pictures! If you wanna look good for your wife as well as yourself don’t hesitate and get it done. I cant fault Grant at all and feel he’s become a mate. If your thinking about hair pigmentation and hair loss has made you feel insecure do whats right for you, but this treatment is more effective than the transplants I’ve seen. Before i met Grant people kept telling me it was a tattoo but its not, its totally different and couldn’t look more real, its great. Money well spent and it wasn’t painful at all, i barely felt it at times. So if your thinking about hair pigmentation call grant at Scalperfection. I hope this Review has and can help any who’s lost their confidence with hair loss. There’s finally something out there and i couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Grant mate


Excellent treatment. Glad to be one of Grants first models. Keeping it natural. Cheers fella


Hi I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with hair transplants and some other treatments that didn’t work and was left with scars, what a total nightmare.

I even had fraxel laser treatment to get rid of my scars that was fairly good but left my head looking blue due to past micropigmentation. I travelled around the country to see if any one could help me another nightmare. After a lot of disappointment I met Grant the only one who said he could help me, i felt I could trust him straight away it was like a big light at the end of the tunnel. I had 4 treatments with Grant and I feel like a normal person again with my confidence is sky high. A truly remarkable professional person.

No regrets. I question pigmentation for many years. Thankful and truly remarkable


Just had my scalp pigmented by Grant. Absolutely perfectionist, very happy with work done especially attention to detail and good customer care, Just shedded off 10 years off my age, absolutely happy. I highly recommend him


Had a failed transplant in Turkey 3 years ago. This ruined my confidence then I found out about smp. Happy with the procedure and happy to be one of grants first models in his training. Thanks my brother


10/10 for everything from Scalperfection. Grant was great from start to finish of my smp journey. Grant was in contact all the time and happy to answer any questions thorough out he procedure. I can’t recommend Scalperfection highly enough.


Grant was so helpful prior to the treatment and reassured me so me much. I cant fault anything he said or done. It feels good to look in the mirror again. Thank you


So, having taken the step to shave my head, I will be honest and say I was shocked and horrified by the outcome. My hairline was far worse than I had thought and in an instance I felt my confidence had drained away. I immediately went online to look out for hair solutions and came across SMP which prior to this, was something I’d never heard of. 

I made multiple enquiries across many different “experts” and was left disillusioned by what I’d heard. Some were simply tattoo artists chancing their arm, some promised me stuff that was frankly ridiculous, whilst some didn’t bother to get back to me at all. Luckily, one did, Grant at Scalperfection. In fact, of all the people that did get back to me, only Grant did via phone which was a massive step because I’d never even discussed my insecurities with anyone until this point. Within that first phone call which lasted until I had exhausted every possible question, Grant set about reassuring me of the process, the outcome and all of those concerns any body doing it would have. Would it be realistic, would it hurt, could I afford it, would people notice, would it suit me……the list was endless. But after that one call, only 1 day since even learning about SMP, I was booked in with Grant for session one. At this point I must say I was impatient and wanted it done asap, however despite this, Grant never over promised. “Trust the process” was something Grant had to in grain in to me and I’m glad he did. Session 1 was a subtle change, laying the groundwork. Session 2 was a step up, session 3 was a transformation and session 4 was a tweak here and there. I’m done now and my transformation has been incredible. I’ve gone from someone who wore a hat every day for months to someone who for the first time (even pre head shaving disaster) is confident and proud of what he looks like. There was no pain, there was no instant change to which others could recognise and the end result is just incredible. Authentic, realistic and natural are words Grant lives by….and that’s how he’s left my new hair. It’s genuinely been a life changing experience and one I’d recommend to anyone. But….a word of caution. Your result will only be as good as the person doing it. Luckily, I chose the best out there…bar none. Grant is a master at what he does and absolutely obsessed by it and that is shown in his results. I can’t recommend the process or Grant enough. Top top bloke, incredible technician. Thanks pal.

Confidence is through the roof. Just because your getting older doesn’t mean you have to look it. This hairline has taken the years off me. This man is a quality at his trade! Thanks buddy


Professional and friendly experience would definitely recommend to anyone… Boosted my confidence a tonne thanks a lot!


Speechless at the results. Glad to me one of grants models at the very beginning in early 2019. Words can’t describe how happy I am.


I had Scalperfection recommended to me by a friend after my hair began thinning prior to this I had never heard of SMP treatment so I got in contact with Grant and he explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. I decided to go ahead and get it done after seeing all the excellent results others have had, I wasn’t disappointed Grant is very friendly and professional in his work he doesn’t stop until he’s pleased with the final product I can definitely say I’ve felt a confidence boost from all his hard work and nobody has even realised it isn’t my natural hair. Initially I had 3 sessions and have recently been back to have a check up a year on from from my 3rd session we decided to do a 4th to add a little density free of charge I may add you can’t ask for better customer care than that I would 100% recommend Scalperfection to anyone excellent work Grant!


I was grant’s very first model on his training at Birmingham. I was amazed how relaxed he was given it was his first treatment. Being his First client I can only imagine how great he’s doing now. All the best mate


Happy customer. 5 stars


Thanks my man. Why didn’t I think of this sooner


Subtle, just how I wanted it. If your in 2 minds just get booked in. You won’t be disappointed


By far the best money I have ever spent. Totally transformed my appearance and self confidence. Highly recommend scalperfection for their professionalism, knowledge and high quality work.


Feel lucky to have got grant as my practice tech whilst he was doing his training. I believe I was his second model. Its been life changing. Good luck Grant


Recommended by top cosmetic clinics!

ScalPerfection is the provider of choice for micropigmentation after cosmetic and aesthetic treatment by clinics such as Zenith Cosmetic clinics. Based in Nottingham and on Harley Street in London, it is one of the largest cosmetic clinics in the UK.

Senior Doctor Dr Dinesh Maini recommends ScalPerfection to his clients, particularly after mole removal, scar or burn treatment. “Scalp micropigmentation treatment by ScalPerfection is the best work I’ve seen and better than many clinics in London and around the UK” he says. “Grant is extremely talented and committed to providing clients with a result that replicates natural hair follicles and restores a client’s confidence”.

Zenith Cosmetic Clinics offers the most advanced and innovative techniques for both surgical, non-surgical and dental treatments. Like ScalPerfection, they are focused on helping clients be the best versions of themselves and feel comfortable and confident with their appearance.

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