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Scalp Micropigmentation

Our mission at ScalPerfection is to help you restore your self-esteem, confidence and most importantly rejuvenate your appearance through scalp micropigmentation (SMP). We want to help you feel like ‘you’ again.

Hair loss and medical related hair loss conditions can affect anyone, at any time. Losing hair is also strongly linked with having an impact on mental health, causing depression and anxiety.

Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for both men and women, and is a highly effective hair loss treatment for those suffering with all types of hair loss. SMP treatment can give the illusion of a full head of hair, or work with your real hair to disguise areas where the hair is thinning.

We are confident enough to say that we have one of the best scalp micropigmentation specialists in Grant, who himself has suffered with baldness and been treated with scalp micropigmentation.

Grant is a level 4 certified scalp micropigmentation technician with all the mandatory qualifications and certificates required. Along with his personal experience and previous employment in the mental health sector, Grant is extremely knowledgeable on the effects that hair loss can have and treats every client with empathy and sensitivity. We take your privacy seriously and all communications and appointments are confidential, although many of our clients are so happy with the results that they tell everyone!


What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is a non-invasive treatment designed for both men and women with different skin and scalp types. Whether you suffer from signs of hair loss including alopecia, trichotillomania, thinning hair, pattern baldness or receding hairlines, SMP can help. SMP can also benefit clients who may want to cover scars from accidents, operations or hair transplants such as FUE and FUT.

Often referred to as ‘hair tattooing’ Scalp Micropigmentation can give the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair if you are balding, or if you have short or long hair. It will give the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair without the need for wigs, toupees or hair transplants.

SMP is a safe non-surgical treatment using a similar technique to tattooing. If you’re familiar with microblading, you can also imagine micropigmentation as a form of scalp microblading. A micro sized needle is used to replicate the image of hair follicles using dot work with a natural pigment to match your own hair colour. Any baldness or scar tissue will be camouflaged by the treatment, guaranteed to give the illusion of a ‘buzz cut’ and to simulate hairlines, rejuvenating your appearance.

Facial Micropigmentation

At ScalPerfection we also understand alopecia can affect your facial hair as well as your scalp, or perhaps you’re unable to grow hair in certain areas of your beard. This is why we also offer an effective treatment for areas where hair doesn’t grow, or conditions such as Alopecia Barbae and Alopecia Areata which causes bald spots within your facial hair. This treatment will replicate hair stubble leaving you full of confidence.

Comfortable Location

Our clinic is based in Roughton, on the outskirts of Norwich. We’ve found that our clients prefer a quiet, private location with easy parking. It is also disability friendly and easily accessible by car or public transport. You can be assured of privacy, confidentiality, and a comfortable setting for your treatment.

So why wait? Don’t hesitate. Get in touch to discuss your SMP (scalp micropigmentation) treatment.  We want to help you, feel like you again.

If you have any questions, check our FAQ page, or contact us for a no obligation chat.

Innovation and Excellence Award 2021

We’re proud to announce being awarded the ‘New Micropigmentation Company of the Year’ at the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards 2021. This is in recognition of founder Grant’s skill and hard work in growing the business and our commitment to improving clients’ physical appearance, mental wellbeing, and self-confidence.
Read more about our new award-winning status.


5pm Professional Artist

Scalperfection is proud to announce that Grant Emerson is joining the world’s leading supplier of SMP ink and related products, 5PM Shadow, as one of their highly talented team of SMP artists.

This massive opportunity makes Grant the first official 5PM Shadow professional artist in England, and only the second one in the whole of the UK. It is a real honour for Grant to join their team and you can read more about it here.

Recommended by top cosmetic clinics!

ScalPerfection is the provider of choice for micropigmentation after cosmetic and aesthetic treatment by clinics such as Zenith Cosmetic clinics. Based in Nottingham and on Harley Street in London, it is one of the largest cosmetic clinics in the UK.

Senior Doctor Dr Dinesh Maini recommends ScalPerfection to his clients, particularly after mole removal, scar or burn treatment. “Scalp micropigmentation treatment by ScalPerfection is the best work I’ve seen and better than many clinics in London and around the UK” he says. “Grant is extremely talented and committed to providing clients with a result that replicates natural hair follicles and restores a client’s confidence”.

Zenith Cosmetic Clinics offers the most advanced and innovative techniques for both surgical, non-surgical and dental treatments. Like ScalPerfection, they are focused on helping clients be the best versions of themselves and feel comfortable and confident with their appearance.


Micropigmentation for you

Micropigmentation can be used as a treatment for a number of hair conditions, including:


Get to know your micropigmentation artist

Grant Emerson is a fully qualified level 4 scalp micropigmentation technician with all mandatory qualifications and certificates.

Having also suffered hair loss, Grant has experienced the micropigmentation treatment process and can answer all your questions. Read his story here.

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