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Expert training worth the travel from Essex

Having had two lots of training with other providers, I still wanted to level up my knowledge, skill, and expertise. I also wanted to learn from the best in the industry, which led me to reach out to Grant Emerson of Scalperfection. Grants distinctive and realistic style really caught my eye and I knew straight away that I wanted to learn and be mentored by him. I had one theory day and because of Grants genuine dedication to his trainees’ success, he enabled me to complete three full practical sessions on my model – a rare quality in the industry. I was able to get unbelievable knowledge and insight because of this as well has brilliant content for my own socials throughout. Grant has provided endless advice and support through phone and Zoom calls before and importantly, after each stage of the training. A proper mentorship. The training experience, as a whole, has been awesome. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and skill during my time at the Scalperfection clinic, ensuring the future success of my business.

Thank you Grant
Chris – Scalp craft.

Name: Chris Blake - Owner of Scalp Craft

Location: Essex

Advanced scalp micropigmentation training

Age: Late 40s

Chris's Story

After receiving 2 bad experiences with training, Chris kept an eye on my work and
after a while he reached out to me. After many discussions he decided to retrain for
a third and final time. Now, Chris, scalpCraft is producing work at the highest level.

Expert SMP training

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